Product and process improvement

  • Product design with sensory elements

    Ll. Marco

    Quantitative determination of sensory parameters to ensure a successful launch of a new packaged meat product. Redesign of the product to maximize its fit with consumer preferences by country.

  • Minimizing scrap in a bottling process

    P. Grima

    Selection of relevant variables affecting the losses generated in a sparkling wine bottling operation and their quantitative impact: harvest conditions, type of coops used, yeast strain and fermentation time conditions, etc. Development of an optimal control process according to key variables to minimize losses in the bottling operation.

  • Development of preventive maintenance models for pipes

    Ll. Marco and L. Rodero

    Development of a statistical model to manage preventive maintenance of a urban water system. The aim was to reduce breakdowns and increase the number of planned interventions minimizing unnecessary substitutions.